The practical driving test is unlike other types of tests that we are accustomed to and for many, sitting the driving test is one of the most stressful times of their life.TIPS FOR PASSING THE DRIVING TEST


A great deal of driving tests are failed due to nerves, but many more are failed due to not being properly and fully prepared.

The driving test tips and advice section provides all the information you need to be fully aware of what to expect on the day of the practical test, tips on how to pass and information on test routes and test centres. Information also includes the most common ways to fail the driving test, plus the best planning to pass first time along with various statistics such as individual test centre pass rates..TIPS FOR PASSING THE DRIVING TEST

This section now also includes details on how to check, change or cancel a driving test, the full 2017 Show Me Tell Me questions, plus a few quizzes to test your knowledge.


What to expect on the driving test

Complete and in-depth guide and advice covering every detail on what you can expect on the day of your driving test allowing you to know exactly what will happen.

How to pass the driving testHow to pass the driving test

Plenty of tips and advice on how to pass the practical driving test and what areas of the test the examiners are more lenient and most likely to allow you to try again.

Driving test eyesight test explainedDriving test eyesight test explained

The driving test eye test can fail your practical even before you take to the road. Provided is an explanation of the driving test eye test and how it is conducted by the driving examiner.

Show me tell me driving test questionsShow Me Tell Me

Show Me Tell Me 2017 DVSA driving test questions and answers with pictures plus printable PDF. Complete 19 questions with answers you should give to the examiner. A Show Me Tell Me Quiz is also available to test your knowledge before the test.


Practical driving test centresPractical driving test centres

Locate your closest DVSA practical driving test centre, complete with test centre details, the type of roads likely to be taken on the test and map location.

Driving test centre contact telephone numbersDriving test centre contact telephone numbers

Contact telephone numbers for practical driving test centres in your area. Listed are many of the UK DVSA test centre direct telephone numbers that can be used if you wish to talk to an examiner.

Driving test centre routesDriving test routes

The driving test routes for specific test practical test centres that help in your understanding of the most challenging roads in your driving test. Knowing the test routes can give you an advantage.

Driving test routes for Sat NavDriving test Sat Nav routes

Download driving test centre routes for your Sat Nav, home PC and Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones and tablets, Google Earth and Google Maps.

Independent driving testIndependent driving on the test

A complete guide to independent driving on the practical driving test along with diagram maps and tips for the independent element of the driving test, so that you won’t  fail.


Latest driving test centre pass ratesLatest driving test centre pass rates

Want to know if your test centre has a good pass rate? Perhaps you’re looking for a practical driving test centre with the highest pass rates to take your test. Here’s the current DVSA year 2016 pass rates for all test centres. Check also the top 10 reasons for failing a test based on statistics as far back as 2006, plus the top 10 Best and Worst Driving Test Centres.

Will I pass my driving test quizWill I Pass My Driving Test Quiz

‘Am I ready for the driving test?’ You might be asking. To answer this, take the will I pass my driving test quiz to see if you know the answer to some of the most common reasons for test failures..TIPS FOR PASSING THE DRIVING TEST



Driving test report explainedDriving test report explained

When the driving examiner is sitting next to you marking their paper whilst you’re on your test, this guide will give you an insight into the meaning of the driving test report along with a Pdf and picture of the driving test report.

How to fail the driving testHow to fail the driving test

No one wants to fail the driving test. This guide lists the most common mistakes, minor faults and serious faults made on a driving test that results in a test fail, plus tips on how to avoid them.

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