The cost of a driving licence

The cost of a driving licence

Driving licence fees

Licence type: first licence Fee
First provisional £62.50
Renew provisional £30.00
Licence type: provisional to full Fee
Car, motorcycle, moped Free
Licence type: renewal Fee
From age 70 Free
Medically restricted licence (one, two or three years) Free
Expired car or motorcycle £30.00
Optional renewal car (new 10 year period) £30.00
Licence type: re-issue Fee
Reissue after revocation £80.00
Reissue after disqualification £104.00
Reissue for High Risk Offenders** £144.00

** If you are disqualified for an alcohol-related offence and regarded as a High Risk Offender, Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) will make medical enquiries before your driving licence can be re-issued. The current cost of this medical assessment is £179.50. This is as well as the £144.00 fee for your licence. Both fees must be paid by you at the time of your application.

Licence type: duplicate Fee
Replace lost or stolen licence £30.00
Licence type: exchange Fee
Full Great Britain licence Free***
EEA or other foreign licence including Channel Island and Isle of Man £62.50

***  To exchange your licence for free you must produce a valid, complete driving licence. For example, if your current licence is a European-style photocard driving licence you must produce both photocard and counterpart if issued, or the cost is £30.

Licence type: replacement Fee
Remove expired endorsements £30.00
Change of name and/ or address – you must surrender both parts of your existing licence Free
Licence type: Goods Vehicle and Passenger Carrying Vehicle Fee
First provisional entitlement C £20.00
First provisional entitlement D £20.00
Upgrading after test pass Free
Renewal of expired licence £20.00
Confirmation in writing of entitlement to drive Fee
Certificate of Entitlement £7.50
The cost of a driving licence
The cost of a driving licence

How to pay

You can now apply and pay online to renew a Group 1 car and/ or motorcycle driving licence and tractor licence, to replace a lost, stolen or destroyed licence and to tell the DVA of a change of address.

Do not send cash, bank notes or blank postal orders with your application; the DVA can’t be held responsible if they go missing.

  • make your cheques or postal orders payable to DVA
  • do not post-date your cheque, the DVA can’t accept it
  • remember to sign and date your cheque and make it payable for the right amount making sure that the amount written in words matches the amount written in figures
  • on the back of your payment, write your full name, address, date of birth and/ or driver’s number if known
  • if you underpay, your application will be returned to you for the right payment

Or, you can send your application form/ payment to DVA driver licensing at the address in the link below:

Return of supporting documents

The driving licence fee includes return of your supporting documents (where applicable) by second class post. If you would like your supporting documents returned by secure delivery, you should send an appropriate pre-paid Royal Mail Special delivery envelope.

Note: DVA will not give compensation for any loss or delay resulting from the use of second class post.

DVA cannot guarantee to return your documents by a set date, for example, a holiday.

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Thinking about going on holiday and hiring a car? If so, check that your driving licence will be valid well before you are due to travel.

  • The photocard driving licence explained

If you need to share your driving record with a car hire company, you can  create a licence ‘check code’ online.

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