UK Road Signs 2023

UK Road Signs 2023 | Road Signs Theory Test

Try our free UK road signs test 2023, this portion of the road sign test consists of 15 questions with road signs. Road signs are important and must be memorized to pass your theory test exam. Every sign has a different shape and different meaning.

All road signs theory test are updated based on the official UK Highway Code Manual . Practice your mock theory test road signs and pass your driving licence test quicker.

It is really important to learn and remember all road signs in order to pass your theory test. These traffic Signs  make you better and safe driver on the road. Complete our road sign practice test to improve on your knowledge!


Road signs Test | 2023 Road Signs Quiz

Road signs are some of the most common features of roads in the UK and around the world. In the UK highway code, road signs have varied meanings and purposes.

There are signs that indicate speed, warn of potential dangers, indicate the distance to various destinations or even forewarn users to expect traffic queues. Whether you already have your drivers licence or are studying for the road sign quiz in your driving theory test, it’s important that you know what the various highway code road signs mean.

This Road Signs Test are updated for 2023 Theory Test.

Traffic signs in the UK are split into various categories the more common of these are:

  • Signs Giving Orders (Prohibitive and Positive Road Signs)
  • Warning Signs

Signs Giving Orders (Prohibitive and Positive Road Signs)

These roads signs give instructions to road users; prohibitive signs tell you not to do something and positive road signs tell you to do something. These signs are in most cases circular and disobeying them is against the law.

Prohibitive road signs in the UK typically have a red circle around them. The most common prohibitive UK highway code road sign is the speed limit sign. These signs indicate the maximum speed road users can reach on a particular stretch of road. One key thing to note is that speed limit road signs in the UK use miles per hour and not kilometres per hour


Another common road sign is the No Stopping Road Sign and is a red cross on a blue background with a red border around it. When you see this sign you are not allowed to stop for any reason whatsoever.

On the other hand, positive road signs are circular and blue with a white border. They give you instructions on what to do while on the road. One example that is a road sign with a bent arrow pointing to the right which means “turn right ahead”.

UK Road Signs 2023
UK Road Signs 2023

Warning Signs

Warning signs are almost always triangular with a white background and red border around them; often the symbol on the sign is black. These road signs warn drivers of potential hazards and prepare road users for conditions that may be dangerous.

When learning UK highway code road sign and meanings pay particular attention to these, as sometimes their meaning may be hard to discern. One sign that you will encounter, often before junctions and crossings, is a triangle with it’s pointed end facing the ground with the text “Give Way” on it.

This sign indicates that the traffic at an upcoming junction has priority and that you would need to wait for a gap in order to cross or turn.

The road signs theory test is a big part of getting your driver’s licence. Before you sit for your driving theory test make sure you study the UK road signs to ensure you get a passing mark. You can find a copy of the UK Highway Code Road and Traffic Signs via this link and take a roads signs quiz right here.

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