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A passport is not just a travel document but a proof of citizenship and identity across the globe. Those in possession of this paper are fortunate enough, especially if they are British passport holders. This part of the world has immigrants flowing from different corners, and the obvious reason is a wealth of opportunities coupled with high standards of living. Everyone wants to lead a good life in a truly developed nation like the UK. However, it’s not easy to apply for citizenship here, and it may leave you frustrated with all the complex requirements.

Here at Counterfeit Note, we have a more straightforward solution for you. With us, you can buy an original UK passport without having to go through the pain of a tedious application process. You can count on our expertise with years of service in this industry, as we look forward to helping you in the best way we can.

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It does not feel great to be labeled as an immigrant in a country you work and generate revenue for. It’s high time to say goodbye to this eerie tag and invest in a fake British passport to avail numerous benefits it offers:

  • Ease of travel: Britain is a part of the European Union, which gives you the freedom of movement across 28 member states. No need to apply for a visa or answer unnecessary questions.
  • Foreign offices: There are 268 British embassies across 170 countries, which means you get access to the finest international support networks in the world.
  • Social system: It is difficult for a non-European to obtain a work permit in EU countries, but you can make it possible with a fake UK passport. As a citizen, you get free healthcare and complete access to government services and unemployment allowances.

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UK Identity Card

From domestic flights to nights out – you can use CitizenCard to prove your identity.

We are the largest photo ID card provider in the UK with over 2 million cards issued. All CitizenCards display the PASS hologram endorsed by the Home Office and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. In addition, our 18+ photo ID card also displays the logos of the police and Security Industry Authority. Retailers, pubs, bars and nightclubs are advised by these organisations to accept all identity cards with the official PASS logo and hologram. You can also travel throughout the UK on a CitizenCard and keep an eye out for our collaborations with supermarkets and discounts for music festivals. Our partners include Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Betfred, Camelot, Co-Operative, East Sussex Council, Shelter, Ladbrokes, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Coral, ASDA, William Hill, Boomtown festival and Flybe.


Our new partnership with Yoti means we offer the UK’s first digital ID solution: Home Office and police-backed CitizenCard plus Yoti’s digital ID mobile app. A Yoti CitizenCard is the perfect ID solution making it safer for young people to prove their identity online and in person.

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We produce real and registered driver’s licenses. We register all information in the database system for the driver’s license. If the identity card or driver’s license is checked with a data reader, all your information will be displayed in the system and you will have to legally use the document. Therefore, we always advise our customers to have the original documents created by us if they want to legally use the document. buy a real driver’s license


A provisional licence is obtained by completing an application form from the post office or online.You can apply up to three months before your 17th birthday (or when you’re 16 if you receive the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance). A provisional driving licence has some limitations and restrictions you need to be aware of.Are you wondering how to get UK provisional driving license?Contact us to get your provisional licence in just few days.Fast and secured processing.


The driving test is taken after you`ve passed your theory test.To pass the driving test you must be able to drive safely in different road and traffic conditions.Your practical test certificate is only valid for 2 years after passing your driving test and you have to send it to the DVLA and obtain you full licence within this time. If you are having difficulties in passing your practical test or you do not have enough time to prepare for the test,we can provide you with original and registered practical test certificate and no test is required.


To ride a bike on a public roads you first need to get a provisional licence and complete compulsory Basic Training to get a certificate.There are different categories of motorbikes and you need to get the right entitlement on your licence and be old enough to do so.This process is often tedious and time consuming.Now you can buy Bike or Motorcycle driving licence from authentic driving licence agency.We provide registered bike driving licence including theory and practical test certificates.